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This guide brings together resources useful for students in the Organizational Behavior program


This subject guide highlights some key resources for research in Organizational Behavior. It includes both library resources and freely available web resources.

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A field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, structures and systems have on activities within organizations. Specific areas of study include:

  1. individuals in organizations (their values, attitudes, beliefs and motives; decision-making and behaviour; satisfaction and performance);

  2. groups in organizations (teams, roles, and leadership; control, power, conflict, co-operation, negotiation and politics), and

  3. structures and systems (hierarchies, structures, rules and regulations, practices and policies; organizational cultures and values; organizational learning, change and development).

The purpose is to apply such knowledge in an attempt to improve the performance of individuals within an organization and enhance an organization's effectiveness. OB invariably relates to the study of business organizations, but it may also consider not-for-profit and government organizations — in essence, any organization that requires formal management.

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