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Medicare Part D Research: Preliminary Research

Library Resources

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Access the Library's databases, search for articles, and view journal titles.

Pharmacy Databases Open Biology Database List
See a list of the most useful databases related to Pharmacy.

Open Library Catalog

Library Catalog‚Äč
Find books, eBooks, and print journals in our library catalog.

e-Journal Search
Have a citation for an article? Find out if we have the journal in electronic format.

Google Scholar

Description: Yes, it is OK to use Google...sometimes. Just remember that most scholarly articles are not publicly available.


Literature Reviews
How to efficiently conduct a medical literature review:
1) Look for other literature reviews (Cochrane).
2) Basic article search (PubMed and Cinhal).
3) Other databases that are relevant (PsychINFO and Google Scholar).
4) Find articles that reference(d) related/similar articles (SCOPUS and Web of Science).
5) Save/share your citations (Refworks) and writing (Googledocs).

Recent Medical Literature and Clinical Trials

DescriptionFree database which contains MEDLINE. MEDLINE is produced by the US National Library of Medicine. MEDLINE contains over 21 million citations for biomedical literature. Over 5,000 journals accessed. Includes online literature not yet available for Scopus or Web of Science. 
Special Features: 1) MeSH subject searching available 2)recent articles, clinical trials or content in smaller journal from all around the world. 3) Pacific Link to full text (top right corner)
Note: Access PubMed through the library's website, otherwise, you won't get the link to full text. 

Nursing and Allied Health Professions

-Description: Contains over 2.7 million citations for nursing and allied health literature. Over 4,500 journals accessed. Great place to start.   
-Special Features: 1) User friendly interface & 2) ~80 Full text journals available. 3) "Suggest Subject Terms" (top of the page)

Evidence Based Medicine

Cochrane Library
Description: Independent collaboration of health professionals (network of ~28,000  from over 100 countries) which provide evidence based health care reviews.
Special Features: Great for literature reviews.
Note: Limited number of reviews.

Behavior and Mental Health


Description: An index databases in the behavioral sciences and mental health. Contains more than 3 million records. 

Education and Instruction

Education Resource Information Center (ERIC)
Descripton: More than 1.4 million bibliographic records of journal articles and related materials. Best when used in conjunction with Education Research Complete database