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Book Reviews: Home

Good sources and tips for finding book reviews in any discipline.

About this Guide

This guide provides an overview of print and electronic resources which index reviews of books.

General Sources include multidisciplinary and general interest sources.

Discipline-Specific Sources link to the best sources for reviews in each discipline.

Start with These!

What You'll Need

Book reviews may be found in a number of places depending upon the subject matter of the book. Reviews of popular books for the general reader may be found in sources such as Amazon. Scholarly book reviews may be found in the Pacific Library's general and specialized databases. 

  • It is useful when looking for a book review to know:

                 * The author's full name.

                 * The book's complete title.

                 * The publication year of the book.

  • Reviews of books do not always appear in the same year as the books' publication.  It is necessary to consult index volumes for two or more years following the publication date. It is important to know that a great majority of books do not get reviewed. 

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